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Finding out which is the best marathon shoe for women is of interest to many dedicated runners.

Choosing good shoes makes all the difference to performance and comfort during a long race.

After all, the marathon demands a lot from your feet and having the right support is essential to avoid injury.

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What is the best marathon shoe for women
What is the best marathon shoe for women
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What is the best marathon shoe for women?

Since it’s impossible to say which is the best marathon shoe for women for all types of feet, here are the most famous models for this sport:

  1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus: lightness and improved cushioning;
  2. Adidas Ultraboost: outstanding for its efficient response to impact;
  3. Asics Gel Nimbus: recognized for its comfort over long distances;
  4. Mizuno Wave Sky: offers excellent stability and support;
  5. New Balance Fresh Foam: design that prioritizes foot protection;
  6. Saucony Triumph: with technology for better energy response;
  7. Brooks Ghost: perfect balance between softness and support;
  8. Puma Speed: designed for runners looking for speed;
  9. Under Armour HOVR: connectivity and the sensation of floating while running;
  10. Reebok Floatride: advanced cushioning for marathon runners;
  11. Salomon Sonic: adaptability to different terrains;
  12. Skechers GoRun: lightweight with efficient impact absorption;
  13. On Running Cloudswift: protection against urban impacts;
  14. Fila KR3: focus on breathability and comfort;
  15. Olympikus Pro: national technology for high performance;
  16. Adidas Adizero: lightness and traction for speed;
  17. Asics Gel Kayano: structural support for long distances;
  18. Mizuno Wave Creation: dynamic and responsive design;
  19. New Balance 1080: combination of comfort and durability;
  20. Saucony Ride: flexibility and protection in a single shoe;
  21. Brooks Adrenaline: reliable stability for female runners;
  22. Puma Ignite: focus on energy and running momentum;
  23. Under Armour Charged: adaptive cushioning;
  24. Reebok Harmony: combination of comfort and endurance.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about the best marathon shoe for women.

How to tie marathon shoes?

When tying your marathon shoes, start by passing the laces through the first openings in the shoe, leaving equal lengths on both sides.

Then cross the laces and insert the ends into the next openings, continuing until you reach the top of the shoe.

Then, when you tie the knot, make a double loop, as this offers more security and minimizes the chances of untying during your run.

In addition, you need to adjust the sneaker so that it fits snugly against your foot, ensuring comfort and firmness, but not tightness.

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How to make marathon shoes last longer?

To increase the durability of your marathon shoes, follow simple care routines. For example, after use, leave them in an airy place to prevent moisture from accumulating.

Avoid frequent washing and, when necessary, use cold water and neutral soap. Also, alternate use between two or more pairs, allowing each to rest between runs.

How do I know my marathon shoe size?

To find out the correct size for your marathon shoes, measure the length of your foot in centimeters, preferably in the afternoon when your feet are most swollen.

Most brands have conversion tables that relate your foot measurements to the sizes available.

How to choose marathon shoes?

When choosing marathon shoes, prioritize comfort and foot support. Look for specific models for long-distance running, with good cushioning and ventilation.

The flexibility of the sole and the fit to the shape of the foot are essential to avoid injuries.

Considering all these aspects, you’ll be able to find out which is the best marathon shoe for women for your step.

Where to buy women’s marathon shoes?

To buy quality women’s marathon shoes, many runners prefer specialized sporting goods stores, where the variety makes it easy to choose.

Nowadays, online stores also have plenty of choice, allowing you to compare models and prices.


Identifying the best marathon shoe for women involves considering certain aspects, such as comfort, support and durability.

After all, runners need shoes that meet the specific demands of a long-distance race.

To find out more about the best marathon shoe for women, watch a video on Amy Spurr-Caveney’s YouTube channel.

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