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Knowing which are the best running shoes for women is essential for those who need to optimize their performance and have more protection during sports practice.

The right choice not only provides more comfort, but also reduces the risk of injury.

But with the variety of models and technologies available on the market, it is essential to be informed about the characteristics that differentiate each shoe and meet the needs of each runner.

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Which are the best running shoes for women
Which are the best running shoes for women
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Which are the best running shoes for women?

Below, you’ll find out about the most highly rated models and their features to find out which are the best running shoes for women is best for you:

  1. Nike Air Zoom Pegasus: cushioning and quick response in a lightweight design;
  2. Adidas Ultraboost: superior comfort with energy return with every step;
  3. Asics Gel Nimbus: outstanding impact absorption and stability;
  4. Brooks Ghost: balances support and lightness for different terrains;
  5. Mizuno Wave Rider: combines cushioning and durability;
  6. New Balance Fresh Foam: offers lightness and comfort for long runs;
  7. Puma Speed Ignite: focuses on speed with a precise fit;
  8. Under Armour HOVR Sonic: technology that provides a floating sensation;
  9. Saucony Ride: combines comfort and versatility for different routes;
  10. Reebok Floatride: lightness and responsiveness in a single model;
  11. Adidas Solar Glide: support and flexibility for long distances;
  12. Nike Epic React: soft cushioning with quick response;
  13. Asics GT-2000: focus on stability for pronated runners;
  14. Brooks Adrenaline: guaranteed support for those seeking stability;
  15. Mizuno Wave Sky: softness and comfort for smooth runs;
  16. New Balance 880: versatility for daily training;
  17. Puma Hybrid Astro: combines technologies for better performance;
  18. Under Armour Charged Bandit: durability and support in a modern design;
  19. Saucony Kinvara: lightness and speed for competitions;
  20. Reebok Harmony Road: balanced cushioning and durability;
  21. Adidas Adizero Boston: lightness and quick response for competitions;
  22. Nike Free RN: flexibility for varied workouts;
  23. Asics DynaFlyte: combines lightness and cushioning;
  24. Brooks Launch: fast response for speed training;
  25. Mizuno Wave Inspire: support and comfort for regular workouts;
  26. New Balance Vazee Prism: stability and speed in one shoe;
  27. Puma NRGY Comet: comfort and fit for every day;
  28. Under Armour Micro G Pursuit: balance between cushioning and support;
  29. Saucony Freedom: lightness and flexibility for any route;
  30. Reebok Energylux: combines style and performance;
  31. Adidas Edge Lux: feminine design with a focus on comfort.

Frequently asked questions

Here are some frequently asked questions about which are the best running shoes for women.

How to choose running shoes?

When choosing running shoes, consider your type of step, be it neutral, pronated or supinated.

In addition, evaluate the cushioning and support offered by the shoe to ensure comfort throughout your run.

Durability and ventilation are important points, as is the right fit for your foot.

Finally, consider buying a shoe that is suitable for the terrain you run on, be it asphalt, trails or treadmills.

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What is drop in running shoes?

The drop in running shoes is the difference in height between the heel and the front of the shoe. The drop therefore influences how the foot touches the ground during a run.

Sneakers with high drops favor landings on the heel, while lower drops tend to favor landings on the middle or front of the foot.

That’s why it’s essential to know which is the best running shoe for women, taking into account your type of use.

How long do running shoes last?

On average, a good pair can last between 500 and 800 kilometers. However, the durability of running shoes varies according to use and model.

However, factors such as the type of terrain, running style and the runner’s weight influence this estimate.

How to soften new running shoes?

To soften new running shoes, use them for light everyday activities before running long distances.

Also, take short walks and wear thicker socks to help the process along. In other words, avoid using your new sneakers for long runs or on very uneven terrain at first.

But if you know which are the best running shoes for women, you don’t need to soften them to start running.

How to tie running shoes?

When lacing up running shoes, it’s essential to ensure a firm but comfortable fit. So, pass the shoelace through the eyelets, keeping the pressure even.

For extra support in the heel, use the additional eyelet at the top, creating a runner’s loop.

Finally, make a double loop to prevent the knot from coming undone during your run.


Generally speaking, when evaluating the best running shoes for women, it’s clear that the ideal choice depends on individual factors, such as your type of stride and your running goals.

In addition, it is essential that the shoes offer support, comfort, safety and durability.

To find out more about which are the best running shoes for women, watch a video from Marathon Handbook YouTube channel.

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